Friday, November 6, 2009

Day by the numbers

3 parent notes I've answered today
2  trips to Conroe in the last 24 hours
72 requests to go to the bathroom I've dealt with
367 interruptions to my teaching today
65 sets of papers left to be graded
8 credit card companies to call
8,112 things on my to do list
1 new student entering on Monday
78 hours my husband has worked this week
3 research papers he has left to write
6 days until the 3rd grade program
13 kids I've lost at random times to work on the 3rd grade program
7 parents who came to lunch today
6541 times I dreamed that there was no Leopard boutique today at lunch
1/2 minutes I've had to get things done today

And that's my day by the numbers


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