Monday, November 23, 2009

The Stream.. of my Consciousness

It's Monday... I'm skipping school.. almost time to head out with the boys... So excited for a break from the grind, and NO, I couldn't wait until Wednesday.

I plan on shopping, seeing a movie, getting some Starbucks for breakfast, and doing whatever i want, whenever I want, without worry or constraint. Not an "everyday" kind of life, but great for a day.

Tomorrow, I will be off as well.. Chris is taking the day, too..Boys in school.. Gonna try to get mom to go to work before 3.  tee hee.. we'll see how that all works out.. gonna get my hair cut in the am and then it's furniture shopping and .. something else, but I forgot.

They call these "mental Health" days..And I need one or two, OBVIOUSLY! Cuz lately, I've been going a little mental.

And the stream of my consciousness ended there. The rest is random meaningless ramblings.. Princess Banana Hammock, Phoebe from Friends type ramblings.. Maybe I'll share those one day. (Shhh, I think she was the best, coolest, sanest of all the Friends)



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