Sunday, April 26, 2015

How tired are you?

It's Sunday night, 6 weeks of school left. And I am tired. The kind of tired when your eyes burn and there is that weird eye lid twitch at random intervals. The kind of tired where you could lay down and be out in 3.56 seconds. The kind of tired when you bring home a bucket of chicken with no excuses or regrets without asking if anyone else wants it. The kind of tired when summer vacation seems like 100 years away.

I hope to accomplish some stuff this week. I want to find out about my possible new job. I want to do some housework. I want to clear some bills. I want to read something for fun. And I want to have a family game night.

I also want to have a great week at work. I want to have some fun with the kids. I want to help out some of the more stressed out teachers. I want to have full days that reek of worthwhile learning.

So here's to my week! May it reek, in the best possible way.

And here's a picture of a Gutenberg Bible. How cool is that??


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