Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving rituals

Every family has rituals and traditions. These are the things that are looked forward to and anticipated. Sometimes they are the things we do without conscious thought at the same time every year. Our family is no different.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - we watch it every Thanksgiving. Now that the boys are old enough to have favorite parts we all laugh in the same places. And now that everyone has traveled on planes, trains and automobiles it makes more sense.

Christmas decoration guilt - this one is solely mine. The boys have no guilt about not getting the house Christmasfied before heading back to school. I do. Because I know that it will be December 20th before I get it all out. I've never actually done the decorating before the end of the Thanksgiving break, but I always want to and hate it that I spend my time binge watching shows instead.

Binge watching/gaming - I watch Netflix, the boys game. For untold hours. I am a bad mom. I have less guilt about this than the holiday decorating. Like I said, I am a bad mom.

FFA - Free For All eating plan. I seldom cook except for what I do for the holiday. My family has been known to each peanut butter and old banana chips for 3 meals straight. Only slight guilt on this one because they are still growing and not glassy eyed.

Sleeping in - I take great joy in not setting an alarm. Somehow getting that extra 3 hours in the morning makes a difference in my day. Even though I was up 3 hours later the night before. Internal alarm clocks are the worst thing ever.

Family together time - this tradition has changed over the years, but the constant is that it is always the Saturday before we head back to school. Like it or not, we will spend the afternoon together. :)

I like our traditions. They suit us as a family. And I think that's what traditions are all about.


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