Monday, October 27, 2014

Funeral Flowers!

Have you ever had to buy funeral flowers? It's hard! It shouldn't be, but wow! I know these things: Mamaw gave white flowers for other people's funerals, carnations are taboo, I have a budget, it matters because it matters to my mother in law. So I went with roses and lillies. White. It's pretty and we loved our Mamaw. That will have to do.

Here's why it's so hard:  I love color! Give me Gerber daisies and crazy arrangements. Flowers are some of my favorite things ever and they shouldn't cause stress. But alas, it's a week of stress. Saying goodbye is like that. Even when it is expected and a welcome relief to know she is out of pain.

So, we will say our goodbyes to the lady who helped Chris become the amazing man he is. We will talk, chat, eat, and endure awkward family moments. That's what makes our family roll.

So here's to you Mamaw! Thanks for years of love, care, acceptance, and great Sunday dinners. You will be missed by many.


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