Saturday, January 11, 2014

A year of firsts

Since it's just you and me, I feel like I can share this. I'm scared of this year. In the last 11 days, it has become a year of firsts. I didn't mean it to be that way. I didn't sit and decide that "firsts" would be my mantra word for 2014. It just sort of happened. It started out simply.... On New Years Eve, we went to someone else's house. Our yearly party was really just us and 1 other couple, so we relocated to be with some other friends who were having their own get together. It was fun, but a little different. There were a lot of kids for the kids to hang with. There were friends that we love and didn't ever come to our party. No problem.Not a bad first. Just different. The next first was painting. My BFF and I went to one of those "pay us and we'll let you pretend you are an artist while we show you which colors to put in the numbers" places. It was fun. I totally suck as a painter and I'm sure my professional artist grandparents were shaking their heads in disappointment as they look down from up above. But I did have fun and even want to do it again. Another life moment accomplished. The start of school brought the first time I have ever come back from the holidays to work and left my kids at home, alone, unattended. It's a small first. They have been independent like this before, but this was the first time it was for a full work day. They did great. I did great. I have entered a new phase of life. It's the "I don't have to drag the kids with me everywhere" phase. I love it! This is a great first. And today, I did it again. Another first. And you won't believe it. I sure don't. Today, I got up at 6:!5 on a Saturday morning to go to... a running club. No, really, stop laughing. Last night, I saw a FB post from a church friend who was saying that starting today there was a couch-5K group for ladies over 40 starting and let her know if anyone wanted to come with. And it clicked. I have been asking for a way to get healthier with support from friends that fits into my life schedule. It resembled a light shining down from heaven and God saying "Were you serious about wanting to change some things, or just blabbing your mouth." So I went for it. Today, was my first ever running club experience. There are about 15 of us. I know about 5. I am totally intimidated. I was the slowest. And it hurt. I have NEVER run for exercise before. Being shaped like a soccer ball is not the prime form for running and my legs were totally angry at me when the stretching started. Yes, they started to hurt before the run/walk began. I'll admit it. But it felt like the right thing to do. It's very scary and I almost teared up as the group passed me. Almost quit then they turned around and passed me going the other direction. Got mad when my legs felt like jello and didn't want to propel me forward. And I am totally thankful to a new friend who walked with me. Her doctor told her no running, walk only. She's about 60. We had a nice chat and I'm glad she didn't leave me in the back alone when she could have power walked on. But, for this week, I am determined to work the program. I have my phone app loaded for Monday's interval. I have my Songza app ready for some great free workout music lists. I am ready. I hope my courage doesn't fail. So, it's a year of firsts. With more to come. Excited and scared are what I am feeling. And that's so much better than bored and in control. For today anyway.


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