Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Recapping 2013

Oh this year! It has been a blur. It started with Chris going to Germany for over a week. I took some great classes towards my Master's Degree. I said good bye to some great teaching friends who retired. I watched a couple of friends struggle through the pain of oncoming divorce. The summer was a whirlwind of trips. To New Mexico, Arkansas, New Braunfels. Chris went back to Germany and became a bona fide world traveler. I also hit the big 4-0. My first born turned 13 and I became the parent of a teenager.He also passed me in height and still loves to point that out. We are ringing in the new year with friends, as is our custom. When I look back on the year, I wonder what have I learned and how have I changed. I know I want more. I want more of Christ in my life. I want more opportunities in my job. I want more fun with my family. I want more places to love people. I want more. I look at the future and have hope. I hope that I am wiser with my time and my money. I hope I choose people over plans. I hope God continues to bless our family with health and fortune and favor. I hope my friends who have not had health, fortune, or favor will hold fast to God and not give in to bitterness. Happy New Year to all! May it be a time of love for all who hope in the power of Christ.


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