Saturday, January 19, 2013

It has been a busy couple of weeks around Willingham's World: back to school after the holidays, big weekend church event, start of a new semester of classes, and the impending trip to Germany that Hubby is taking. That last one isn't really time consuming for me, but it sure does color the mood of the house.

I also realized that I never shared any fun Christmas photos. Shame on me. So here are some of the good ones...

Well, it won't let me upload pics right now. Apparently I have forgotten something or maybe the website isn't working. That's kind of the way it rolls around here lately. Make a plan. Plan doesn't work due to some unforseen issue. Change plan. Pray for the best. I said lately, but it's the way things have always gone.

I'll work on the picture issue and see if I can upload some soon.


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