Monday, January 7, 2013

Dealing with SAD

It has been a sad few weeks in my world. People who I care about are hurting in intense and difficult ways. They are people of faith and hope. They will endure the current hell on this earth they are walking through. This post isn't about them. Their stories are as heart breaking as you can imagine. I just have so many strong feelings to process and so few outlets. Prayer is my outlet. But most days it doesn't conquer the sad. Sad doesn't get prayed away. Sad just is.

Broken relationships, death of one too young, life altering illnesses.. these are the things that can't be fixed with a quick word of wisdom or a dinner on a cold night. Those things are good and help, but these are the unfixable things that we dread in life. And my friends are going through it. And I am THAT friend who stands beside them (whether they are near or far in location) in Spirit and hurts for them and loves them and cannot help solve a life situation that is more than a problem.

Please pray for..

my friends going through critical marriage relationship devastation

my friend who has recently lost her spouse

my friends who are starting the battle with cancer in various forms when just 2 weeks ago all seemed well


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