Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pretty pictures

I had the blessed opportunity to go to the Internations Quilt Festival in Houston recently. It was blessed because I got to drive my mother and my mother in law. Personally, I have never made a quilt. I can barely sew a button on. But I got to see some amazing pieces of art that were a testimony of God's committment to creativity.

Without further ado..

Here it is up close...
The more you look, the more you see!

I took the following detail shots because the whole quilt was just too intricate to believe, and then forgot to get a big shot of the entire quilt. Rookie FAIL!

I just love the happy colors of this one.

For my angry days....

Easily the most intricate quilt I saw. So interesting and full of personality.

The most traditionally beautiful quilt I got a shot of.
I love all the images in this one.

My nod to monochromatic beauty.

I just love all the letters and words! (This is what I think my mind looks like most days!)

As you can see, WOW!


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