Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back from youth camp. No major scars to speak of. On my person anyway. My house got scarred by the storm that ran through town. I am now managing an insurance claim. Adjustor comes on Thursday. And I'm tired. And I have an earache. I turn into whiny baby with a plugged up, achy ear. Cuz it HURTS! So I find myself managing pain and an insurance claim. And children. I manage the spit out of those boys. It sometimes sounds like this:"Mommy has an earache and is about to start pacing like a mental patient so the invisible man will stop stabbing an ice pick into my eardrum, so you'll need to ask your father to help you open the bowl of fruit."

But I know this too shall pass. The house will get fixed. Eventually. The truck will get tires. Sooner rather than later. The ear pain will cease. I have medications. And skies will be blue once again. Birds will sing. Children will laugh. The Sun will shine. So tonight, I am  focusing on hiding from my current reality and will try again tomorrow.

PS. In case you think I am overly dramatic (and you could make a great case), this is a brief synopsis of the last few days.
Sat - return from week long youth camp culminating in 18 hr bus ride
Sun - celebrate Father's Day by picking up the kids and starting VBS/VBX week (one son goes morning, one goes evening)
Mon - get first good look at my house with half ripped up floors and tarped roof. Stay inside all day with sore throat and sinus headache. Run 2 loads of laundry
Tues - grocery shopping, pick up from VBS, afternoon nap during thunderstorm, mop up still leaking wall, dinner with friends, fast acting earache renders me worthless to humanity


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