Sunday, April 29, 2012

Not always sunshine and rainbows around here

What a day it has been! Son # 2 is still sporting a mystery fever and cough (day 6). I am out of days to be out at work, so it is getting docked from my paycheck everytime from now on. Son # 1 randomly decided to slap his brother in the face for not doing something he wanted. The dog peed all over my entryway. And my husband has to go back to work in 5 minutes after being home for a total of 1 hour and 22 minutes today. I'm getting cabin fever from being with a sick kid all weekend. We are back to teaching full curriculum at work since the testing week is over. That means that it'll be a week getting students back into the learning routine.

In honor of the crap day it has been, I am SO getting dinner out tonight. Although that means I'll have to put clothes on that are appropriate for public viewing.... small price to pay.


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