Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monthly update?

It has been way too long since I shared anything. The rhythm of my life is just like that right now. The boys are getting all grown up and say less cute stuff and do a lot more eye rolling and arguing. So I could tell you about the time I told them to "talk it out and remember you will be best friends when you are older" or "stop fussing before I take away your video games." That was quickly followed by "So, I guess you are both ready to get grounded?Becuase that is what this argument sounds like to me. You say He made you mad. I heard "Mom, please make sure I have no fun for at least a week" Funny how that works.

Work is work. Everyday. And not the fun work kind of work with laughter and a sense of Job-Well-Done. More the It-Is Impossible-to-Teach-Children-Who-Don't-Try-To-Learn kind of work. Oh, and there will be a test in a month to prove that even though I am a great teacher, it is a student choice to learn or not.

I'm reading the book of Judges this week in my Bible reading, so maybe I'm a little pessimistic about things. If I could talk to the Israelites of history, I would sound just like my grandmother. With smoker's gravel in my throat, I would lecture, "Well, if you would just do it the right way, you wouldn't get dead, now would you?" (In her defense, she never actually said that to my knowledge, but I could see her thinking it.)

On a happy note, I've decided to become a student again! Yep, I filled out my online application to join the Master's Program at Sam Houston State for Library Science. Hopefully I will start this August. I forgot about the butt load of paper work it takes to get into school. And money.. wow! Application fee, GRE testing fee, transcript fee.. and I haven't even registered for classes!

You, both of you, might be wondering why, after all these years, I would want to go back to school. It's because I want options. I want to be able to do something other than teach that still works with kids. And I want to love what I do. I love books. I love sharing books with others. I love the beep of checking in books. I love seeing the smiles of anticipation when kids get the book they were looking and waiting for. I have always said that I would teach until I couldn't. Whether that was for age, health, or moral reasons, I knew the time would come. It's not here yet, but I need to be prepared. And I might just be ready for some new adventures. After 17 years in the classroom, I think I might be exhausting my limit of dealing with the day to day junk that comes with raising other people's kids.

So, that is the month in review. I hope I get back to you sooner next time.


Kim said...

YAY!!!! I am WAY behind on reading my blogs, so I am late saying this, but congratulations! I can't wait to hear about your classes!

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