Saturday, February 25, 2012

8 Years Already?

Eight years ago, I was planning on going to my baby shower. Eight years ago, I thought I had a month left. Eight years ago, my sweet boy came early and has kept surprising me ever since. He walked early. He talked early. And he has been a snuggle bug since birth.

Josh is quiet as a ninja when he is up to something. He can sneak away from the family when we bore him and we don't even realize it. He laughs with abandon. He is wicked funny and can connect seemingly unrelated things in ways that make me think "Huh, I never thought of it that way." He cares for others deeply and is most likely the most empathetic person in the family. Whether it's offering his money to his brother to help him buy something or just laying his head on my shoulder after a long day, he offers love tangibly to all around him.

This year, my Josh has changed a lot. He is more outspoken and loves Power Rangers. Power Rangers? Yeah, last year he didn't even know they existed. He is taller and his face is lengthening. He has an older look of wisdom now that comes from a year of learning and living and growing more independent. He continues to love the Lord and share insight from Bible reading and then application when it comes. He is never too shy to ask the hard questions. He just doesn't realize that most 7 year olds don't think about "Why did God not just kill Satan instead of letting him mess with us?" He is growing up deep in thought, this one is.

So happy birthday, my baby boy. You are my laughter, my joy and a delight to my soul.


Kim said...

I love that kid =-) So happy he is a Willingham. Happy Birthday JBomb!

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