Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Days

Here's a picture salute to the highlights of a great summer, one of the best in memory... not in chronological order.

Glorieta for camp was a great chance to start the summer with a great focus.

This was a wicked game of duck-duck-goose!

 We met Meg Riser, our newest friend!

Girls' Weekend accomplished adding to the national economy and some really pretty toes!

Time on the farm provided a lot of entertainment. Mom and Dad got to burn the lien on their farm because it is PAID OFF!

 And the cousins got to practice their mean faces.
 Ryan went to Preteen camp.

The family trip to NASA was fun. Future astronauts in the making.

The World Changers cleaned up our backyard and helped rebuild our fence.

Mommy and Josh got to explore the Woodlands and eat gourmet cupcakes.

 The boys took me to see the final Harry Potter movie.

See ya next summer!


Kim said...

Wish we had made it down there this summer. Looking forward to a trip soon! Love you lady! Hope this week goes well for you!!!

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