Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Deep thoughts from Labyrinth

As we were eating lunch today, I was looking for TV alternatives to SpongeBob and Avatar and ran across a modern classic.. Labyrinth. It was the age of muppet technology and weird thoughts, but is a truly delightful/slightly creepy fairy tale.   So the boys had some thought throughtout that need to be shared.

J - He looks like a girl

As David Bowie twirls the bubble balls..
R - Fushigi balls, really? How lame. Oh, bubbles, I guess that's better.

For reference.. these are real fushigi balls
During the dance hallucination scene:
J - That's really awkward
R - Don't forget distubing.
J - Yeah, that too.

When Sara is walking through the castle trying to get to her brother......
J - That's a hard puzzle. Hope she figures it out. And how does he walk on the ceiling?

 J - So wait, he was an owl the whole time?

After the movie Josh and I had a little talk about all the how's and why's of the movie. I don't think he understood, but at least he was thinking. I love sharing classics with my kids!


Kim said...

I love this movie =-) And I adore your boys! Miss you!

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