Saturday, October 23, 2010

What I've been up to

It's been a bit since I posted pics.. Here is what I've been doing..
This was the dessert table for Chris's 40th Birthday Party. Faith and the boys did a great job with arranging the pies and making it festive. And it tasted good too!
Here are the party people! Our good friends and family. What a blessing they are!

Then, we spent the week in sorry and grief. The death of a young friend and the ensuing support of his family. His service was on Friday. And his dad shared the eulogy! I can't imagine doing what he did. He honestly and truly share the joy that was John's life without forgetting about the hard parts. Then he boldly and sensitively share the gospel with a room full of people who don't know Jesus. And what they know of His people isn't the best.

I also got to take part in the annual Storybook Parade on Friday! A little early this year, but a total success.

If pirates were this cute, I'd surely join up! Ryan was a minion from the movie Despicable Me and I didn't get a picture. He seems ok with this. Since he really wanted to be a ninja, but gave in to pressure to join the rest of the 4th grade. And my team was...

Yep, the Wizard of Oz. My favorite character was the tornado.. see her behind the house! We laughed all through the school. Faith made my scarcrow costume and it was a winner!

So yeah, I've been rather busy. Chris is on the fall youth retreat this weekend and I'm home with the boys. We are heading to the park... Life is good and I am blessed.


Kim said...

Y'all are so fun! I love it! I hope it's a calmer week in the Willingham's world. Of course, it's a major holiday, so calm may not be in the cards... thanks again for the meds! I don't know how I would have made it home without them! Love you =-)

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