Saturday, October 9, 2010

LOST.. and then found

So, while tackling Mt. Laundry on the couch at the end of our bed, I uncovered some artifacts. Several nice pens from Christmas. Thank again Aunt Penney. One Day I will figure out how and why to use a fountain pen and then I can truly appreciate it. I found several belts. Mine and Chris's. They were leftovers from summer shorts we had bought. We aren't really belt people.

And then I hit the Mother Lode! It was one of those plastic storage bins full of maternity clothes and baby clothes and pre-baby clothes of an undisclosed size. Super fun and some charity's windfall! Ok, my stuff isn't that great. I don't even pretend that. But maybe someone can use it. And now I can see that the couch is green and rather comfy. Perhaps it's time for a good book.. yeah.


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