Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hummmphhh! Grrrrrr! and WTF was he thinking!!!!

We got some bad news last night about some actions taken by a family member, and it made me wonder why families care so deeply about a monetary inheritance from their parents. Do people really think they are owed money when their parents are gone, or even before then??? Then I got mad and wondered how in God's name professed believers of Christ could possibly put money ahead of their family.  How can they live for over 40 years with grudges and hate and smile and say that they live for Christ? Two faced, double minded thinking that revolves solely around what I want and what I think I deserve is truly a mark of our Enemy. And he is rejoicing right now. That lead me to sigh inwardly in deep sadness at how right the world is about how wrong Christians are when they forget who they are living for. And how obvious it is to those who live around them that they are not just unkind, but selfish and mean and vengeful and hatefilled. And years of prayer and sharing and life lived to show the glory of God to unbelieving family can be wiped out by the selfish act of a fellow believer. By this time my brow was furrowed and I was in royal funk about the way people treat the elderly who are the parents that raised them or their spouse! And that got me all mad again. I was in bed by 9:30 because I was tired out.

Not gonna share the details here but sometimes family sucks and I can't wait to go and shine some light and spread some compassion on family who has been wronged.


Kim said...

I'm sorry sweet girl =-( Hope things get better.

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