Thursday, September 16, 2010

Boys will be boys

This afternoon has been a real treat. While I am bone weary and ready for a nice glass of wine, I have enjoyed my time with the boys.

Son 1 has his friend over for an afterschool "play date". Well, his mom is a teacher and had a Parent Info Night, so the lucky guy has become a Willingham for about 5 hours. After an extra hour and a half at the school where they managed to play on the playground, make a mess in my classroom, annoy half of my team with their Loud Boy Ways, we headed home. Once there we did homework and the fun began.

Nerf War has been eagerly anticipated. For weeks. It's been all they can talk about. So, after "setting up" for 25 minutes, they shot each other for about 30 seconds before the first gun jammed. I learned a lot about my Son 1 in this process. He is a bossy boss. He has volume control issues. He wouldn't be my friend if I was a 3rd grade girl. But none of this is news to me. His true colors just shine through! And I love him for all he is. And he does make a great son.

We then went to a pizza buffet place. Nothing like all you can eat cheap pizza to make everyone happy.

AFter that, home for some X-Box Halo. Nothing says "Dude, you are such a friend" like blowing them away during a video game.

The MOM is coming to pick up soon. Then some peace and quiet.. But maybe one more round of Nerf War where Mommy plays....


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