Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Tale of 2 Shoes (A Summer in Review)

Here is the story of our final summer. We had cheated death for over 6 months because our boy loved us so. We were comfortable. And familiar. And he loved us.

Here we are at the Blue Bell Creamery.

Then we traveled to New Braunfels.

See, don't we look happy?
We visited Natural Bridge Caverns.

We got a little nervous and hid, but had fun still. I promise we are standing right at the base of that rock.

Then there was the final trip to Kemah. Again, I was in the shade at the bottom of the picture.

We lived a long and happy life.Here we are in our final resting state.
Blown out and run ragged. What a wonderful life we had!


Kim said...

love it!

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