Friday, August 27, 2010

He was joking, right?

I hear the best stories on the way home from school. You'd thing the best ones would come from students in class, but no. The Tales from The Day that eminate from by backseat are, by far, the best. Take today, for example.

We are pulling out of the parking lot in my spiffy Green Machine sans AC and I get asked, "Hey Mom, would you get mad if I ate a gummy bear that a friend found on the playground if it was in a bag. And it hadn't been open?"  There are a few ways to respond, and I have only moments to pick the best course of action. In the split second while I am thinking I hear a whispered, "Well did you eat it?" And whispered "uh huh, but I want to see if she's mad."

So, I say " No honey, I wouldn't be mad if you at something a friend found on the playground in an unopened bag. I'd wonder why you thought that was a good idea." "So, you aren't mad?" "No, not mad. A little disgusted, but not mad. Don't do that again. If you ever did it." "Ok, I won't"

Then the back seat dialog takes over. In hushed Mommy-can't-hear-tone "So, you really ate it?" "Yeah, it was a little hard, and I kind of ate the whole bag. But they weren't really gummy bears. They were other animal shapes." So, if I am hearing and inferring rightly, my boy ate a bag of off brand gummy animals of an unknown age and origin after lunch on the playground. About this time I slapped my palm on my forehead in the international sign for "dummy" as I shook my head in wonder. I didn't know what else to do.

Then, I heard "Dude, you shouldn't do that. You get car sick really easy and you might puke in the car." "I don't think so, I feel fine and it was a long time ago. Like after lunch." Hmmm, time to revisit the appropriate time to accept treats from "friends".


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