Saturday, May 3, 2008

A view of discipleship

So, it's been a while since I added anything here. I'm pretty sure no one even checks it, so it's just me. Lately, I've been having some thoughts about church and Christian growth... Here's the latest...

How do you build a disciple? Legos.. that's it, just a lot of legos.... sounds simplistic, right?

When people play legos, they spend time together, they solve problems together, they share together, they talk, more knowledgeable people help less knowledable people about the role of certain pieces, those with creativity and vision give those without something to aspire to, those with encouraging personalities help people not get bored.

And when you get tired and put out and frustrated and try to leave, you always step on that pointy little piece and fall on your butt and don't get anywhere. Good lego friends will check out your foot to make sure that there's no blood and call Mom when there is.

And of course there's always that little instruction manual that comes with most Lego sets. It's a little vague in parts, but really does tell you how to assemble that thing on the box. You just have to look at it really close.

You don't know who'll join you. Might be the nerdy kid with no social skills. Or the shy kid who barely talks to anyone. It could the the super cool dude who just likes legos and needs a place to assemble them. You don't get to choose who and you don't know when Mom will call them home. But you invite them to come and hope that they stay a while.

That's how I see disciple building. But that's just me.


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