Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I was blessed with a conversation yesterday. The teenager got all chatty and talked about life at me for a good 45 minutes. First time in ages! When you have a introvert teen boy, you don't get your hopes up for lots of meaningful conversation. "How's the day?" "fine" "Anything exciting going on?" "Nope" "What do you want for dinner?" "Anything is fine." That is about the extent of it.

Before  you wonder if I have actually read any parenting books, I KNOW that talking to teen boys requires the interrogation skills of a highly trained agent. I have those skills. I choose not to use them too often for the benefit of all because sometimes a mom doesn't really want to know the details in her teen boy's life. Plus, the husband has an ongoing conversation with him every morning and Wednesday as they travel together. It's a good thing. I trust in our system. It works.

I just can't remember the last time he voluntarily sat down beside me and word vomited his thoughts all over me. I was shocked, impressed, and a little curious about what brought it on. A student in his school attempted suicide the day before. He didn't know her, but he knew about it. Maybe it had him searching for connection.There has been an ongoing church series about relationships. Maybe he was practicing? His dad dared him? No telling.

No matter the reason, I am thankful and feeling blessed to have shared the time.


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