Sunday, September 29, 2013

The saying "It's a mad, mad world" might apply to Willingham's World. We are pretty crazy, but in a good way, I like to think.

We are mad enough to think that our kids are pretty awesome. Even amidst the early teen sarcasm and challenges, they are still nice to other people. They still get along with each other long after their friends have stopped liking their siblings.  And they still ask to do things with us. Yes, I am cherishing the moments.

We are mad enough to pray about insane impossibilities, like going to Germany as a family next summer (It's just money, right?) and making a big financial decision to get rid of some debts that common sense advises against. Still praying about these, by the way.

We are mad enough to have have hope that lives can be changed for Christ in a secular, money and performance based society that stresses "tolerance for all as long as it looks like us."

And we are mad enough to think that this 20th year of marriage could be the best yet! Even with some serious challenges, we are making plans for the future and trying to figure out how to keep family close in this new stage of life with older kids and different pressures.


Kim said...

20 years of marriage??? Wow! What a beautiful thought. I love you lady.

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