Sunday, August 4, 2013

T minus

T minus 2 weeks.. and counting. This is the time of year I get all squiggly and nervous and regretful and anxious. There are two weeks until I have to report back to work. Yay for summer! But now I have to make hard choices. Go into the school  and work on my room so that the children will have a pleasant place to learn or stay in my pajamas and watch Netflix? Finally take my car in early for that oil change that is more than a little over due or sleep in? Stare regretfully and the piles of things that didn't get cleaned, organized, or thrown out this summer or half heartedly throw stuff away until the trash can is full to the brim (and then stare regretfully at all that is left and wonder why it doesn't look cleaner)? Grocery shop with the future in mind, stocking up on the sale stuff so I can be prepared in a few weeks when I don't have time to think, or continue the summer once a day trip to the grocery as my whim strikes?

I am not ready to kick life back into gear. Honestly, summer vacation is my dream life. What would I do if I had to get a job that didn't have a long break in the middle of the year? I have no idea. I have been on a school schedule, nonstop, since I started school when I was 5. Not a year off. Straight through. For 35 years. Looking at it like that makes me want a drink of something more powerful that Dr Pepper.

I have choices to make tomorrow that will define my week. I'll let you know how it goes.


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