Sunday, February 10, 2013

which tale to tell

Would you like to hear the story of the reluctant missionary? The day of family fun? A real life fairy tale which might or might not have a happy ending?

How about I give you the first few sentences and let you decide..

The Reluctant Missionary
Once upon a time, there was a man of God who took an amazing journey filled with planes, trains and automobiles. The trial of his journey occured before he arrived at his destination.

Family Fun
Bright blue skies and mild temperatures surrounded the mismatched crew of truants as they ambled toward the ocean. A sketchy plan of fun was in place, yet open to revision as needed.

Real Life Fairy Tale
In the land of humidity and bagpipes, a friendship was formed in the hand of God. Through the laughs and tears of years, they supported one another in their life endeavors. Then one day, the wild haired princess fell in love.

Those are the tales that have dominated my world for the last few weeks. I'm not sure how to end any of them.


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