Sunday, December 16, 2012

Taking a break to update

     I am taking a break from the "gotta get that tree up" whirlwind of clutter shuffle. It's time to blog something. Unfortunately, I'm lacking anything of substance to share. No recent "light bulb" moments, unless you count me shattering one when I tried to change it. Nothing radical is happening, unless trying to get 3 males to get the downstairs ready to accept the Christmas tree is radical. Ok, that is pretty radical. I am committed to making letting them help this year. No tree up until they make the hole for it. It is likely going to be a long afternoon. They are currently huddled around Chris's laptop watching youtube of a videogame. Yep, a long afternoon.
       I also recently facebooked that I am suspicious of the weather, but hopeful for the promised cooling. Then I realized that Suspicious, but Hopeful is my natural state of being. I usually am suspicious (ie, cautious, not betting on it, believe it when I see it) of anything predicted for the near future. But I am also hopeful that it will happen. I think I need that in a shirt.... "Suspicious, but Hopeful" (a V-necked T with ladies cut, sizes XXL if you are shopping for me).
    Alright, time to get back to the laundry, and remind the boys that they still have stuff to do if they want a tree this year.


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