Thursday, October 11, 2012

Too long!

Ok, here is the short version of life for the last few weeks:
Get up, go to school, teacher/do paper work, chat with coworkers, teach/more paperwork, head home to cook dinner/buy burgers, read kid books/do my homework, check facebook, play facebook scrabble, do more homework/read boring textbook, hug my kids and send them to bed, look my husband in the eyes and say "Man, am I tired".

Throughout I have moments of shotgun questioning as I drive the boys home, time where I load the dishwasher or throw very specific items into clothes washer so people aren't naked, go to the Walmart so we don't starve, and watch a little TV. I have cleaned up the floor and stairs multiple times where the dog has taken to peeing if not attended to immediately. Oh, and my firstborn turns twelve soon. My youngest has a very forward girl making brash advances at school. And the love of my life has a birthday next week. I feel like I need to start Christmas shopping soon. And really need to pay some bills.

No time to be poetic or thoughtful. Maybe one day...


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