Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

I find myself all confuzzled today.

It's Good Friday, solemn Holy Day recognizing the death of my Savior. Death isn't supposed to be a time for rejoicing, especially when it is unjust, brutal, and just plain sad. However, without this sacrificial death, I would be lost in sin with no hope of reconciliation to Father God. So, I should recognize the cost of this sacrifice and be called to a more holy and sacrificial life. And I can't ignore the joy that comes from the sacrifice. At this point, my logic intersects my emotion and I am confuzzled. Joy over pain? Solemn contemplation about the act that blazes the way of salvation? The paradox is painful and I'm struggling to process it.

But there are several other things at work here too. The Commercial Easter is in full force: Easter Bunny's baskets to be made, deviled eggs, fancy dress up clothes to plan and purchase, and crazy Wal Mart shoppers. And the daily life of family is pressing. Children need disciplining and correcting, house needs sprucing up for the upcoming poker night set up for the 12th gd. boys, food needs purchasing, and the yard needs attention. I really need to have a little chat with the husband, too.  And it's the one day off of work from Spring Break until Memorial Day.

So, I am spiritually sensitive, emotionally exhausted, and physically spinning in many directions. I should probably give myself a time out and get some proper perspective. And I should take my vitamins. But I do have to wonder why things can't be just a tad bit simpler.

Blessed Good Friday to all, May you find the balance in life and strength to maintain it!


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