Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Resume Blitz

So we have taken a new approach to the job search. Ok, it's not new, but it's happening again. We are blitzing churches with Chris's resume. Using the "find a pastor" type websites, we find churches that seem to fit with what we believe and send in a resume, no matter their location. So, from PA to San Diego, Florida to Oregon, we've got those lists of Chris's abilities out there.

We also are concurrently looking at local school opportunities. Since everyone is fully stocked for teachers these days, Chris is putting in for tech jobs in the district.

He also recently shared a lot of our story with the youth adult leaders. Seems we've been a little "close to the vest" with our info. So, they were rightfully surprised by some of it, but so very kind and supportive.

I guess it's a way of just laying it all out there and seeing what happens. But having people know so much about where our family is, is a little embarrassing. I know it shouldn't feel like that, but I really feel like I'm heading into church tomorrow without enough clothes on. (Don't worry, Mom, I am fully and appropriately dressed.)

I just hope that God sees fit to get Chris a job sooner rather than later. But of course, that's been my mantra for over a year now. So i'm not holding my breath. Speaking of which, it's time to go pay bills.


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