Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New Year!!

So, I have proof that the Willingham's have friends.. We had our improptu New Year's thing and it was a blast! What would life be without friends??
Here's Chris, Eddie, and Ashley Riggins.
Eddie, Chris, Ashley, and Scott. Tara and Scott, Thanks for trekking up to the woods on New Years Eve. It meant a lot to us!

I've been considering a job change, and was trying out queen of my own country or resident angel. I think I'll keep looking!
And on Jan 1, Josh got a toy to the eye while playing outside. The cut was about 2 mm from his eye. Talk about a scare!

We hope 2008 will be filled with a lot more good news than 2007. Or will it be the year of near misses?? A year of God's protection? A year of taking hits and surviving? Whatever happens, it's in God's hands. No way to predict what tomorrow will bring. Whatever it is, I'll keep you posted in Willingham's World! Happy New Year!


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