Friday, December 14, 2007

Crazy Weeks

Life has hit the fast lane again... We are wrapping up school for the holidays, so the kids are nutty. My fellow teachers are all in turmoil. One is out because her mother is dying of Alzheimer's. She's been hanging on with no water or food for 5 days. Another teacher is dealing with extreme back pain from ruptured vertabra that didn't respond as expected to some epidural cortizone stuff. Two others have some seriously disturbed kids in their room who aren't responding well to simple directions. And I'm team leader.

Needless to say, I'm a tired team leader from putting out fires of problems, juggling administrative duties, keeping morale up, and trying to teach my darlings something. Yes, I'm whining, but where else can you whine, if not your blog?? Right??

Home is good. The boys are SO into Christmas this year. We are working on the concept of "it's not about the stuff you see on TV, but what do you want Santa to bring you? No, he's not bringing SpongeBob Operation because I told him not to. How about some Transformers??"

I know, I know, mixed messages stink. Our family has chosen to share the story of Santa with our kids. They believe he is real. We don't discourage the idea. They'll catch on soon enough. Most likely because Mommy will spill the beans by accident. When I'm tired, I'm not too sneaky. I'm sure they'll be scarred for life. At least we can differentiate for them. Jesus loves you always, good or bad, you are loved. Santa likes you always, unless you are bad. Then you don't get toys. Just lumps of coal. But not really. Have you ever known anyone that Santa didn't come for just because they were bad?? I guess that goes into my book titled Lies We Tell Our Children. It'll come right after the chapeter called "Your Permanent School Record."

But the point I'm making is... Santa is a chance to teach the concept of consequences versus love. My kids don't get stuff because I love them. Stuff is not love. I'm so glad that neither of them has the "gifts" love language. They get stuff because we are rich in so many ways. My love and their stuff don't really go together. Getting stuff can be the consequence of doing good in school, behaving in the right place, having a special something to celebrate. But it's not love.

Love is unconditional on how they act, what they do, or where they go. God loves us even if we are poor, choosing a wrong life path, or not getting the "blessings" we want. His choice to bless or not has nothing to do with his love for us. He loves us either way.

How depressing to think that God doesn't love me because I don't have what I want. But do we know people who think that way? Maybe I have too. Yep, pretty sure I've thought that. "If God really loved me, He'd ________." You fill it in for you. I've already been there and done that. He loves me regardless of my circumstance. He loves us no matter what is going on. We have consequences for our actions. There are Proverbs about good things coming to hard workers. There are gifts given in love. But, it's merely an expression.

I hope I can teach my boys that real love isn't like Santa. He's not giving gifts because he loves us. He's just doing a job. But God, he loves us, naughty or nice. And instead of coal when we were naughty, we got Jesus.... hmmm... now that's love. Not a gift, but a person.. God himself in human form..


The Daniel Family said...

Nicely written!

We're torn over the Santa thing...just b/c we feel like we're lying. It's sweet to see how they love Santa...and I try to darw the parellel b/t Santa giving to EVERYONE. b/c he is hsraung the story of Jesus. B/c Jesus was gift to us, Santa gives too (where's the confused smmiley when you need it). Anyway, Maire, I love reading what you have to say!

I will pray for you this week and your teacher friends....sounds rough!

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